Embrace Dogman

Looking for a great book that your child will not be able to stop reading? Looking for a book that explores tragedy and triumph, the search for a home and even has a bit of romance? Looking to explore themes such as empathy and kindness or how about persistence? Dogman has all of these featuresContinue reading “Embrace Dogman”

Do you know a child who is learning English as their second or even third language?

Learning a new language is exciting and literally opens the door to a new world of possibilities. While there is no substitute for human interaction when learning a language there are lots of apps available to help create stories, translate or just work on idioms for home and/or classroom use. Looking for language learning apps?Continue reading “Do you know a child who is learning English as their second or even third language?”


Are you concerned about your child’s reading ability? Is your child struggling with decoding basic words? Difficulty with rhyming? Struggling with spelling? A resistant reader? When you think of dyslexia do you think letter reversals and reading backwards? Dyslexia is NOT a visual disorder. Dyslexics see the same as non dyslexics. The difficulty lies inContinue reading “Dyslexia/aixelsyD”

The First Step: A Blog for Kids & Created by Kids

You can find The First Step Blog here: https://candicenarvaez.wordpress.com/2021/03/17/how-to-zig-zag-on-a-skateboard-by-aria/ Like most kids, my nine year old loves stories. He loves to tell stories to his friends when he’s building a home in Minecraft or while building a fort. Like many nine year olds, he has a constant dialogue going. He loves listening to stories readContinue reading “The First Step: A Blog for Kids & Created by Kids”

My kid hates to write!

Sound familiar? A little too familiar? I’ve been there as well, on the battleground with pencil in hand, trying to convince my then seven year old that writing can be freeing and fun. I’d tell my kid things like,writing is important because you want to be able to express yourself and have your ideas writtenContinue reading “My kid hates to write!”

Author Study

An author study is a great way to deepen a child’s love of books in addition to teaching them critical thinking and literary analysis skils. Learn about how to create your own dream author study and why your kids will be motivated to read more as a result.