Use Art to Deepen Your Science Education

I use art as an integral part of my educator’s toolbox. I don’t have any formal training in the arts. However, I do have personal experience of using drawing to deepen my own understanding of the world around me. You don’t need to be skilled in the arts to include art in your daily life.Continue reading “Use Art to Deepen Your Science Education”

Embrace Dogman

Looking for a great book that your child will not be able to stop reading? Looking for a book that explores tragedy and triumph, the search for a home and even has a bit of romance? Looking to explore themes such as empathy and kindness or how about persistence? Dogman has all of these featuresContinue reading “Embrace Dogman”

My kid hates to write!

Sound familiar? A little too familiar? I’ve been there as well, on the battleground with pencil in hand, trying to convince my then seven year old that writing can be freeing and fun. I’d tell my kid things like,writing is important because you want to be able to express yourself and have your ideas writtenContinue reading “My kid hates to write!”