Homeschooling with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a different wiring of the brain that requires a systematic phonics and multi sensory approach to teaching reading.

How Do I Teach My Child to Read?

Learning to read is a monumental milestone in a child’s life. Reading opens the doors to learn just about anything. How a child goes from looking at pictures to reading independently is a developmental and progressive process. So while all children need to learn how to read in order to thrive and survive in modernContinue reading “How Do I Teach My Child to Read?”

Benefits of Raising Bilingual Children

Bilingual children are often better readers because they learn how to decontextualize language from an early age. That ability is an important skill that aids children in learning to read. Bilingual children are better able to look critically at language features which later helps them in their literacy development.

How do I know what curriculum to buy? I want to start planning but I don’t want to buy the wrong one and screw up my child forever. Help!

Thinking about buying a curriculum and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices? Stop right there and put down the curriculum. Remember the first rule of homeschooling. Homeschooling is not a recreation of school at home. Not that there’s anything wrong with using a curriculum. Some of my best friends use them…

“I want to homeschool but I’m feeling overwhelmed and I don’t know where to begin.” Know your state homeschooling laws and what is required on your part. They vary by state.

Do you want to start homeschooling but don’t know where to begin? Knowing your state laws and regulations is an important first step. Just click on the live link to find homeschool requirements and law from your official state website. Congrats, you’re taking your first step.

How am I going to homeschool my kid when homework is a daily reenactment of WWII?

Did you enjoy homework when you were in elementary school? I didn’t have homework in the early grades when I had attended school because educators were free to follow best practices back then. Kids were free to learn while they were at school and continue to learn after school with one of the best learningContinue reading “How am I going to homeschool my kid when homework is a daily reenactment of WWII?”

“I can’t help my kid with math. I was terrible in math in school.”

I used to believe I was terrible in math as well. My belief was rooted erroneously in a single block of experiences while struggling to learn to add and subtract fractions in fourth grade. I clearly remember my fourth grade teacher, Miss Winton patiently explaining how to add fractions but my fear of making aContinue reading ““I can’t help my kid with math. I was terrible in math in school.””

Are you feeling overwhelmed about homeschooling?

Are you thinking about homeschooling or have you decided to take that leap but are completely overwhelmed about what to do next? I was terrified when I first decided to try homeschooling with my oldest when she was in kindergarten. There was something in me telling me I could figure it out and I knowContinue reading “Are you feeling overwhelmed about homeschooling?”