A Few things I learned about Homeschooling While Sick with Covid

At the end of January, my family became sick with Covid-19. All of us were symptomatic with various versions of extreme fatigue, high fevers, GI issues, nausea, chest pain and coughing. It has been about five weeks at this point and my daughter and husband are fully recovered, my son and I are still haveContinue reading “A Few things I learned about Homeschooling While Sick with Covid”

Do you love Amanda Gorman?

“I can hear change humming In its loudest, proudest song. I don’t fear change coming, And so I sing along.” “I’m the daughter of Black writers. We’re descended from freedom fighters who broke through chains and change the world. They call me” Of course you do! How can you not love strength, courage, political activismContinue reading “Do you love Amanda Gorman?”

The First Step: A Blog for Kids & Created by Kids

You can find The First Step Blog here: https://candicenarvaez.wordpress.com/2021/03/17/how-to-zig-zag-on-a-skateboard-by-aria/ Like most kids, my nine year old loves stories. He loves to tell stories to his friends when he’s building a home in Minecraft or while building a fort. Like many nine year olds, he has a constant dialogue going. He loves listening to stories readContinue reading “The First Step: A Blog for Kids & Created by Kids”

My kid hates to write!

Sound familiar? A little too familiar? I’ve been there as well, on the battleground with pencil in hand, trying to convince my then seven year old that writing can be freeing and fun. I’d tell my kid things like,writing is important because you want to be able to express yourself and have your ideas writtenContinue reading “My kid hates to write!”

Part 2 : A Tale of Two Escapes: Curious George, the Nazis and My Grandfather

BLUE DEVILS When D-Day comes for another push, And fighting strength is in need,  They call upon in urgent need One outfit for the rush. The always toiling Infantry With Engineers and Artillery, With Medics, Tanks, and Air support They make their way through every Fort. Round for Round they won decision The soldiers ofContinue reading “Part 2 : A Tale of Two Escapes: Curious George, the Nazis and My Grandfather”

Teaching About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and so is another opportunity to create a Thanksgiving that is filled with gratitude, love and lessons on perseverance, strength and community. It is a great time for our children to learn about the Native Americans who gave birth to this great country and to learn about their thriving cultures thatContinue reading “Teaching About Thanksgiving”

Outdoor Education is for Everyone

What if you could give your child a magical pill that significantly reduces stress, improves cognition AND improves memory AND has ZERO negative side effects? Would you break the bank to give it to them? Of course you would! Because you are awesome! That magical pill is all around us. We just have to leaveContinue reading “Outdoor Education is for Everyone”

A Tale of Two Escapes: Curious George, the Nazis and My Grandfather

A Tale of Two Escapes: Curious George, the Nazis and My Grandfather https://homeschooleducationalconsultanttutor.services/2020/10/26/a-tale-of-two-escapes-curious-george-the-nazis-and-my-grandfather/ — Read on homeschooleducationalconsultanttutor.services/2020/10/26/a-tale-of-two-escapes-curious-george-the-nazis-and-my-grandfather/