Improving Auditory Processing and Attention Skills

There are many ways to improve your child’s auditory processing skills that involve games and music. Children learn through play so using games to learn to distinguish sounds is ideal. There are many old school, traditional playground games that help build a child’s ability to distinguish sounds, and increase their ability to follow single andContinue reading “Improving Auditory Processing and Attention Skills”

Use Art to Deepen Your Science Education

I use art as an integral part of my educator’s toolbox. I don’t have any formal training in the arts. However, I do have personal experience of using drawing to deepen my own understanding of the world around me. You don’t need to be skilled in the arts to include art in your daily life.Continue reading “Use Art to Deepen Your Science Education”

Embrace Dogman

Looking for a great book that your child will not be able to stop reading? Looking for a book that explores tragedy and triumph, the search for a home and even has a bit of romance? Looking to explore themes such as empathy and kindness or how about persistence? Dogman has all of these featuresContinue reading “Embrace Dogman”

CDC Releases New Guidelines for all Areas of Child Development in ages 0-5

Parents can now use an app created by the CDC to track their children’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive and fine and gross motor skill development from birth to age 5. The CDC recently updated it’s developmental milestones to include additional months and skills to reach children as young as possible for early intervention services if needed.Continue reading “CDC Releases New Guidelines for all Areas of Child Development in ages 0-5”

Fabulous Fungus and the Lessons I Learned (as well as my kid) Along the Way

Last spring, my son had developed a love of mushrooms. It started at the kitchen table as a favorite food but soon morphed into noticing different varieties in the woods on our daily walks. We started taking pictures of the mushrooms so I joined a lichen, mushroom, and fungus facebook group and started to seeContinue reading “Fabulous Fungus and the Lessons I Learned (as well as my kid) Along the Way”

Nature is My Curriculum

What curriculum should I buy? How can I get my kids to do their work when they won’t sit for more than ten minutes? Just step outside into nature and the learning possibilities are infinite. Being in nature stimulates the brain and naturally engages kids so the learning happens effortlessly. Just being in nature hasContinue reading “Nature is My Curriculum”