Improving Auditory Processing and Attention Skills

There are many ways to improve your child’s auditory processing skills that involve games and music. Children learn through play so using games to learn to distinguish sounds is ideal.

There are many old school, traditional playground games that help build a child’s ability to distinguish sounds, and increase their ability to follow single and eventually multi step directions. The following are some of my favorites: Red-Light, Green-Light, 123, Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Telephone, and I’m Going On a Picnic and I’m Bringing Apples, Bananas…

There are several board games that facilitate auditory processing skills such as Battleship, Electronic Simon, and Twister. Games such as chess, checkers, Stratego, and Bop It work on planning as well as improving working memory.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fantastic method of improving auditory processing skills as well as improving overall cognitive functioning. There is a tremendous amount of research on how music improves cognitive functioning as well as emotional well being. You can find research in this area here:


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