How do I help my young kid not to be math phobic like me?

Math phobic?

Don’t be. It’s a learned behavior.

Math resistant?

I hear you. I was once the same way.

I had once believed I wasn’t a “math person.” That belief started early and was reinforced by an educational system that reinforced this belief. Then I went to China. I saw kids that embraced math young because the mindset is math is for everyone. Math is supposed to sometimes be difficult and struggling over an equation is part of its beauty. I needed to change my mindset. So I did. From that point on, I created a environment in both my classroom and my home that fostered and encouraged early math and math fluency.

There’s a good chance you already have the beginnings of a math ready home.

Lego’s everywhere?

Dinosaurs and dolls of every size?

Fill your house and engage your kids with math with board games, card games (games like war for teaching greater than/less than), cooking for learning time and fractions, puzzles and sewing. Games that require looking at patterns and making predictions are math brain builders.

Exposure and regular play with legos and building blocks during the toddler/preschool years develops spatial skills and visual literacy that is the foundation for algebra and higher level math. You’re already fluent in the language of space. Use words and have discussions about where something is using prepositions and other mathematical language such as: the tree is next to the house; The book is under the table; this piece has four sides and four corners.

Teach your children to recognize and create patterns. Start out with two and three step patterns. You can begin with physical games like clap, stomp, clap, stomp…what comes next and add a third then fourth step. Use art to teach geometry.

If you have the prerequisite of LEGO’s and toys on the floor then you’re ready.

Activities and discussion points:

Compare animal sizes-put them in order from tallest to smallest and other variations. Count animals and dolls. Learn to count on. Have three dolls to the size add more counting on…make up word problems: I have five dinosaurs and gave you two. How many am I left with?

How do you like to engage your young child in math?


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